The smart way is SmartPay!

SmartPay is the convenient monthly payment plan from Hi-Ho Petroleum that makes your fuel costs easier to manage.

CONTROL heating bills with SmartPay

Tired of high, unexpected bills? Everyone is looking for ways to make winter heating bills more manageable. That’s why we’ve created a “smart” plan to help our customers overcome high heating bills. The Hi-Ho SmartPay plan cuts your winter heating bills by spreading your fuel cost over 11 or 12 months.


With SmartPay from Hi-Ho Petroleum, your costs are spread out for up to 11 or 12 months (depending on your start date), which can cut winter heating bills in half. You don’t get hit with the bulk of your annual fuel costs in just a few short months. This way, you’ll make equal, predictable monthly payments.

STAY WARM and SAVE with SmartPay

You receive the extra benefit of automatic deliveries, which minimize your risk of running out of fuel. And, here’s another reason to opt for this plan. We’ll give you a 5-cent discount on each gallon you purchase.

You have a choice: you can pay 80% of your annual fuel costs in just several months, or you can spread your bills out into 11 or 12 even monthly payments.

Payment plan comparison chart

Imagine: start reducing your payments from as much as $650 to about $280 a month.
A typical homeowner in our area who uses 800 gallons of fuel a year could spend as much as $650 on a single delivery! On our monthly payment plan, that same homeowner would only pay about $280 a month.

Best of all, there is no cost to enroll.

Call or e-mail Hi-Ho Petroleum today and a customer service representative will be glad to answer all of your questions and enroll you in our SmartPay program.