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At Hi-Ho Petroleum, we take great pride in the many ways we try to make your life easier when it comes to home heating oil delivery, services and pricing.

We’re more than a heating oil company

At Hi-Ho, we also want to help you save money. That’s why we deliver our premium home heating oil with a money-saving fuel additive. Before our heating oil reaches your home, it’s already been treated with Pro-Form® to improve fuel quality and combustion efficiency. That means it will burn cleaner, which is better for your home and for our planet. And it saves you money on equipment maintenance, repairs and the need for future purchases. You’ll enjoy improved cold weather performance, increased stability, and a more powerful fuel than you would find with lesser heating oil.

Pro-Form® maintains fuel system cleanliness by preventing the formation of sludge in your oil tank, keeping fuel lines and filters free from blockage, and preventing corrosion. We’ve invested in a state of the art bulk plant injection system to ensure every gallon of fuel oil is treated with the Pro-Form® performance conditioner, and to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency.

Consider all the benefits of our Pro-Form ®, and you can easily understand why we say your family’s peace of mind is our premium concern.

Ultra low-sulfur premium quality home heating oil fuel

The diesel fuel we provide you is free of any modifiers to cut down on wax crystals that can lead to “gelling” problems in low temperatures. Our diesel fuel is refined to extract those crystals, and so can perform flawlessly at temperatures as low as -30ºF.

Plus many other ways to get the most out of your home heating needs

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