Water heaters

Water heater

If you have a boiler, you can install an indirect-fired hot water heater and get hot water virtually FREE during even the coldest winter months!

Hi-Ho Petroleum carries and installs water heaters that will provide you maximum efficiency and durability. The average household spends up to 30% of its energy dollars on heating water. That’s why you need the best in energy efficient hot water heaters, and why we recommend them here to you. Imagine how much you’ll enjoy your hot water during the winter!

While we recommend Bock and John Wood water heaters, we are fully trained to maintain and repair all models from any manufacturer.

A Bock oil-fired hot water heater uses its patented Turboflue® design to heat water faster and use less fuel, so you enjoy more comfort and convenience while reducing your energy costs. Only Bock offers dual operating and high limits control as standard, and double-testing of all tanks.

A John Wood water heater uses TankSaver® design to extend the tank life of its products significantly. It also features a glass-lined coil that won’t lose heat transfer efficiency.

Ask us about our full line of other water heater models today for complete sales, installation and service.