Oil furnace technician

Oil furnace systems offer the comfort and cost-efficiency your family needs.

Stay comfortable in winter and during a difficult economy by buying a highly efficient and affordable oil furnace.

Our oil furnaces are cost-efficient and energy-efficient. They provide luxurious warmth that your family will enjoy. We proudly install and service a number of brands.

Among the recommended furnaces from Hi-Ho Petroleum are the Boyertown Hallmark oil furnace and the Thermo Pride 2-Stage OH6 oil furnace.

The Boyertown Hallmark oil furnace comes with variable speed motors and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Thermo Pride 2-Stage oil furnace has a burner that operates at a standard low firing rate most days, comfortably heating your home and saving energy. On bitter cold days when your home needs the extra heat, the burner automatically switches to high fire, providing additional warmth.

While we recommend Thermo Pride and Hallmark oil furnaces, we are fully trained to maintain and repair all models from any manufacturer. Ask us about other oil furnaces today for complete sales, installation and service.

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