Oil-fired boilers offer the best combination of oil heating and energy efficiency.

Did you know that oil-fired boilers reach efficiencies well in excess of conventional boilers? Plus they qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating.

We carry the Peerless Pinnacle oil-fired boiler, which features corrosion protection and control features including multiple temperature set points for both heating and domestic hot water and outdoor reset capability.

The Weil-Mclain Ultra oil boiler also offers highly efficient performance. This dedicated water-only oil boiler offers flexible direct or chimney venting, so no power-assisted fan is needed. Also ENERGY STAR® rated, it has optional advanced features such as indoor/outdoor reset, DHW priority (the Domestic Hot Water priority feature ensures fast tank refills), stage firing, and more.

The Burnham MPO oil boiler was designed from the ground up to focus on efficiency, serviceability, and quality. Its smart 3-pass design makes it easy to install and service. Features a natural draft and direct vent, with an optional Burnham System Control available.

While we recommend Peerless, Weil-Mclain and Burnham boilers, we are fully trained to maintain and repair all models from any manufacturer. Ask us about other ENERGY STAR® boilers today for complete sales, installation and service. Contact us today.