Ultraviolet (UV) Air Filtration

UV air equipment

A UV purification treatment system is the best and safest air freshener for your home.

Unlike standard air purifiers/filters, a UV treatment system is designed to work by harnessing the natural power of ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces as well as eliminate pollutants. UV treatment converts oxygen to ozone, killing bacteria, mold spores, and mildew. It also destroys odors, and can freshen smoke filled air under most conditions.

Imagine how the air smells after it rains. That’s how fresh your home will smell when you use an ultraviolet air filtration and purification treatment system. And best of all—it’s affordable!

And don’t worry: it protects against excessive amounts of ozone, following the Federal recommended guidelines of between .01 and .05 parts per million of ozone versus air.

Choosing the right UV air filtration and purification treatment system is an important decision and investment. Ask us for more details about sales, installation and service.