Bring relief to your family from over-dry air.

Are your loved ones subject to dry nose… cracked, itchy skin… or sore throats? Or is your home suffering from chipped paint and plaster… split or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim or molding?

A humidifier delivers the perfect amount of moisture to your air, making you feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings. By having Hi-Ho Petroleum install a whole-house humidifier in your home, you not only resolve dry air problems, but you can also save money! Adding humidity in winter means you can often turn down the thermostat and still feel warm.

It can feature truly automatic control, although it can be adjusted manually if desired. Using an outdoor temperature sensor, it can monitor and adjust to even the slightest changes in outdoor temperature. Choosing the right humidifier is an important decision and investment. Ask us about Aprilaire humidifiers and other models today for complete sales, installation and service.