Affordable home cooling systems and indoor air quality equipment. Call Hi-Ho Petroleum for sales, maintenance and repair.

Installing air conditioning unit

Whether you’re trying to stay cool during warm weather, or stay healthy year round, you need systems in your home that are dependably efficient and durable.

You also need the very best professional advice and service from Connecticut’s #1 company for home cooling systems and indoor air quality equipment, Hi-Ho Petroleum.

We are experts at helping homeowners choose the right air conditioning system. We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of healthy home equipment, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and UV filtration systems.

We will come to your home free of charge to discuss what repairs or equipment you may need and provide you with a free estimate, usually on the spot. Don’t forget that our annual service plans help ensure that any expenses or emergencies are kept in check.

Explore the links below to learn more about our recommended home cooling and air quality solutions; we offer complete sales, installation and service.

indoor air quality
Indoor Air Quality
programmable thermostats
Programmable Thermostats
UV air filtration
UV Filtration