Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where in Connecticut do you offer home heating oil delivery and equipment service?

A: We service many counties and towns across CT. For a complete list, go to our service area page.

Q: Is there any heating or cooling maintenance I can or should do myself?

A: Absolutely. Change your filters regularly, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Walk around the building every three months—inside and outside—to check for easy-to-see problems such as crowded or obstructed airflows, damaged pipes or hoses, and other obvious performance hazards.

Please don’t handle complex or dangerous tasks yourself, as you may damage your equipment, home or commercial building, expose yourself or others to harm, and void certain warranties. It is safer and often less expensive in the long run to have a certified Hi-Ho Petroleum technician provide professional service.

Q: What should I do about a leak or puddle around my hot water heater or air conditioner?

A: As with gas smells, follow common sense.

A water heater leak may indicate rust and erosion, and a large amount of water may be barely held back. Unplugging an electrical unit that has water on or near it may be life threatening, due to the potential for electrocution.

The best policy: (1) don’t ignore the problem, as it won’t go away and could get significantly worse and (2) call a Hi-Ho Petroleum professional immediately at the least sign of risk to yourself, your loved ones and your home or commercial building. We will respond quickly, and have the training and experience to fix any heating or cooling problem fast.

Q: How established and trustworthy is Hi-Ho Petroleum?

A: We have been in business for over 100 years, becoming the most successful heating oil delivery and heating/cooling systems contractor in Fairfield County. To learn what just a sampling of our thousands of customers say about us, go to our testimonials page.

Q: Does Hi-Ho Petroleum guarantee its work? Are its workers bonded and insured?

A: Yes, and yes.

All our technicians are our direct employees — we don’t use subcontractors. We obtain all necessary permits before beginning any work, and are fully insured for Workers’ Compensation and General Liability.

Q: What brands of equipment does Hi-Ho Petroleum sell, install and service?

A: While we service all major makes and models, we do have our preferences, which you will see in the heating and cooling systems area of our website.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes. Through our relationship with AFCFirst, we make it easier for you to secure a home improvement loan for ENERGY STAR® appliances and other energy-saving projects.

Q: Do you offer brands that qualify for energy rebates from my utility company and/or the manufacturer?

A: Yes, on some equipment. Contact us to learn more.

Q: My home has a forced-air furnace but no air conditioning. Can I add central air?

A: Yes. We mount a cooling coil on top of your furnace and install a condensing unit outside.

Q: My home does NOT have forced-air heating, and so has no ductwork. Can I still get central air conditioning?

A: Absolutely! Today’s simple, ductless air conditioning options make it possible to install a quiet, efficient air-conditioning system in your home even if it doesn’t have ductwork.

Ductless air-conditioning systems consist of one or more indoor air-distribution units linked by refrigeration lines to an outdoor compressor. These flexible “hoses” can be positioned inside your walls and ceilings with a minimum of inconvenience. Installing ductless air conditioning costs a little more than standard central air-conditioning systems but much less than the cost of installing ductwork and a central air-conditioner.

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